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Introduction & Inspiration

My name is Kefang Ning from China. I have a graphic design background and love to explore many things that I’ve never done before. I started drawing in middle school and never thought about have a huge passion on design. What I like is to communicate with people using visual language.

What I don’t like is to set boundaries for myself and this is the reason I come to DT and choose Pcom class. I want to do things not only in 2-dimensional but in every possible space.

3 projects that inspired me


Daniel – Introduction.

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Hi, my name is Daniel Mastretta, I am 28 and I am a designer based in Mexico City. I started designing from a young age and been always interested in writing and drawing. Most of my design skills and knowledge come from my formal studies of architecture in Universidad Iberoamericana and I am also a self taught digital media designer. I am also a college professor specialized in Computer Assisted Design with academic experience in both teaching and assisting design courses, my work has been mainly focused in graphic design for architecture, photography and CG graphics.

Before and since my university graduation on 2008 I’ve been involved in many design projects, architecture contests and academics, honing my skills both in graphic and architectural design, I’ve also been collaborating with magazines as an editor and writer of videogame journalism and art critique. My main interests reside in Architecture, Technology, Traveling, Literature, Cinema, Videogames, Photography and Digital Arts and wish to keep learning and working in each of those areas.

My experience with physical computing are not very extense, the closest I got to learning from it was last year restoring an arcade cabinet almost from scratch and dealing with it’s circuitry. Here are some pictures of the restoration:

Photo 02-06-13 16 25 47 Photo 02-06-13 15 59 33 Photo 02-06-13 15 09 17 Photo 02-06-13 15 00 14


Optimistic white girl, enjoys long walks, taking pictures of her dog, eating & being creative. Seeks like-minded thinkers.

But seriously now, my name is Veronica and I’m a DT 2nd year! I moved to NYC from Las Vegas, NM (the original Las Vegas!) were I graduated with a BFA in digital filmmaking. When I decided to apply and study for a MFA there were two things I wanted to learn, Motion Graphics and Physical Computing. I researched program were I could learn both, and Parsons fit the match. My first two semester I just couldn’t fit these two classes into my schedule for one reason or another. Low and behold I’m taking both this semester. It just worked out super well! I’m super excited to learn, explore, hack and interact.

Some Inspiration!
So I meet Ricardo O’Nascimento [[groovy Tech Fashion Designer]] during Fashion Week and am totally in love with his work: Feather Tails.

So, I’m kinda into the whole Wearable Tech. Climate Dress is a piece I though was really beautiful to look at but also has a worth-wild function. I like it when a piece of art has a purpose outside of it visual aesthetics.

Pu Gong Ying Tu is an interactive painting of a dandelion field is epic! I enjoy exploring new ways of interacting with things around me.

Water Light Graffiti  I <3 this project!!! — Thesis Blog