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How to Embed Videos

Please embed your videos, don’t just link to them~

Follow these steps:

You can easily copy the iframe code that is provided in the share section of all video services such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.29.41 PM
Once you copy this code you can paste it in the “Text” mode of your post, rather than the “Visual” mode.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.24.24 PM


And…. Voila! Embedded!

Blog Post Etiquette

Here are some guidelines for posting to the blog:

  • Always include images, or embed videos to which you are linking.
  • Write a paragraph that describes what you are posting, whether it’s a project, an idea, etc.
  • Categorize you posts (Currents: News, Events; Prior Art/References: Inspirational Projects; Resources: Libraries, Forums, Communities, Books; Supplies: Sales, Stores; ┬áStudent Introduction: About, Image, Pcomp Interests) *If there is not a category, please make your own.
  • When posting about your projects you must include a few images, a video, your code (which you can add a tag for in “Text” view format of the post, not “Visual”)
  • Always credit the examples you followed to create your project. This is very important to follow for academic integrity, and also to keep our community informed of resources.