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For MakerFaire I volunteered to help out at the Arduino Booth. It was a fun day! I got a t-shirt, a Arduino Yun and got to meet Massimo Banz. It was fun chatting with people about arduino and what it can do. I spent most of the day making LEDs blink. During my time away from the booth I check out the Parsons booth, Adiel Fernandez’s color mixing table, and craft faire area. In the end I went home with more knowlegde about Arduino and vintage earrings. It was a good day!

Arduino Blog about the Maker Faire

World Maker Faire 2013, New york

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 Hi. I found information about world maker faire 2013, new york ticket, and would love to share with:)


Saturday, September 21, 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday, September 22, 10 am to 6 pm.

Advance Student* Weekend Pass

*With valid photo student ID. Valid for entry all weekend. Ticket prices will go up at the door.
Advance Student* Single Day

*With valid photo student ID. Valid for entry either Saturday or Sunday. Ticket prices will go up at the door.


Looking for a free ticket to Maker Faire NYC

If anyone’s looking for a free ticket to Maker Faire NYC this year, Michael Shiloh is coordinating volunteers at the Arduino booth, and could use people. Contact him at the address below:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Michael Shiloh <<>>
Subject:  volunteers for the Arduino booth at Maker Faire New York City

Requirements for a volunteer at the Arduino booth are:
The main purpose of the Arduino booth is to introduce Arduino to those who know little or nothing about it, and to help overcome fear in thosewho have heard about Arduino but are afraid that it’s too difficult ordangerous for them. You must be able to explain Arduino in simple termsto people with little or no understanding of electronics or programming. Intermediate knowledge of Arduino programming and electronics, enough tobuild and debug simple circuits with confidence using Arduino, solderless breadboard, LEDs, RGB LEDs, servo motor, piezo speaker,photoresistor, switches, potentiometers, etc. and to write and debugsimple sketches demonstrating their usage. Familiarity with some of the built-in Arduino examples. Ability to start conversations with strangers who appear curious butdon’t know what to ask, or perhaps are afraid of appearing ignorant, andto make them feel comfortable.

Thanks, Michael