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Final project: RFID Tags ( Xiaoqi Liu and Minh Huy Dang)

After the research with the basic knowledge with RFID tags. We decided to take advantage of the wireless feature of the tags to build an interactive sound project. We built a glove with the arduino, wave shield, RFID reader and the speaker. We put RFID tags into different acrylic cubes. In this way, when you put on and glove and touch different cubes, you will heard different sound. The code can be downloaded from the link:



Thermograph(#Servo Assignment)

I used the servo and the temperature sensor built a thermograph.

13 - 1


The code is as following:

#include <Servo.h>
const int temperaturePin = 0;
Servo servo1;

void setup()
{ Serial.begin(9600);
void loop()
int position;

float voltage, degreesC,mapdegree;

voltage = getVoltage(temperaturePin);
degreesC = (voltage – 0.5) * 100.0;
mapdegree = map(degreesC,0,50,0,360);
Serial.print(“voltage: “);
Serial.print(” deg C: “);
Serial.print(“Rotate degree: “);

servo1.write(mapdegree); // Tell servo to go to 90 degrees




About me and three interesting projects

Hi, my name is Xiaoqi. I am from China. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. After I graduated, I realized that I wasn’t that into research and I had loved design since I was little. So I went to Pratt. There I spent two years learning Graphic Design. After diving into the design field, I wish I could have more capabilities to accomplish my ideas about design. That’s the reason I chose DT. I didn’t have any experience in Arduino before but I do have some electrical knowledge which I hope will help me in this class. I am really excited about what will happen in this semester. I am sure I will enjoy it very much!

Three projects I found inspiring: