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About semina

Hi, my name is Semina. Nice to meet you. I study product design and am very interested in interactive products in real life. Hope that i could get closer to my dream after this class:)

Midterm_Balloon plant

Balloon plant is a study of mechanical movements with servo and toy motors that moves up and down/ open and close / spin as a respond of different sensors so that the user can enjoy having an interactive plant.


after development(on going):
communicating with website to show the temperature and humidity.
Its movement is the same as physical movements of balloon plant.
Working on website now, which is my further project:)

Final project: H20 _ Ziqu&Semina

H2O is the cup coaster that does measure how much water a user drank daily/weekly/monthly based and remind the user to drink water regularly so that the person can drink enough water and keep healthy body.

code & other resources:

Final paper:

Final presentation:




Light clock

As light starts rotating, there comes a moving clock. It is made with LED lights and it is very interesting to see the animation even though the light sources are rotating.

Species of Illumination

‘The movement of living creatures triggers sensations, emotions and communication,’ says Bob de Graaf. Fascinated with autonomous movement, he has created ‘Species of Illumination’; two lights that act and react like autonomous creatures. Wallace responds to changes in light intensity in its environment and brings light to the darkest corners. Darwin searches for sunlight to charge its battery during the daytime, and in the evening wanders around the house, ‘accompanying’ us with its light. The interaction and emotional relationship they bring contribute to our well being. They behave like pets. They are lively lights you can play with.

Building Magic: a film about NY maker Mario the Magician

How often do you see a magician building his own monkeybot assistant using cork, wire, and an Arduino? That’s Mario the Magician (featured previously on MAKE), and after receiving rave reviews, filmmaker Kal Toth is looking for funding to take his short (11-minute) film about Mario and turn it into a feature-length documentary. This is one of those great meetings of art and technology that illuminates the maker movement so well. If the campaign is successful, hopefully we’ll see even more of this kind of magic.