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About aisencc

Hello! I'm Aisen Caro Chacin, my curiosity led me to research the intersecting fields of art, science, and technology driven by conceptual forms of inquiry and design thinking resulting in functional prototypes. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas materialize. My inbox is always open.. so say "Hello!".

Midterm Proposals and Review

This Friday we will focus on reviews of your progress so far, as well as your midterm project proposals. You should have the following posts:

  1. Add a portrait to your blog account**
  2. Introduction + Inspiration
  3. LEDs and Buttons “hello world!”
  4. Maker Faire
  5. Sensing Data and Tones
  6. LOL Matrix Shield
  7. Making Things Move


We will begin the class with a discussion about the next steps for the duration of the semester.  I am thinking of organizing focus groups. These will be think tanks working in collaborative groups on specific areas of research topics:

  • Materials Research
  • Experimental Frequencies and RFID Design
  • PCB  Fabrication/ EagleCAD + ProtoBoard Router
  • Enclosures and Play
  • Experimental Sound
  • Visual Displays/ Photon Narratives
  • Biofeedback


These topics are mixed ideologies from what is detailed in the syllabus for the rest of the semester. I realize that all of you are at different levels of design, technique, programming, and fabrication, therefore forming these groups will allow each of you to focus on particular areas of research while going at your own pace. However; this does not mean that the focus areas are exclusive. You are welcome to propose a double track, and sometimes you will find that the skill lessons might overlap; for example when designing circuits in both materials research and pcb fabrication. After we discuss the groups, you will sign up to have your 1 on 1 individual meetings about your ideas, your progress, and expectations for the duration of the semester. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to reschedule a meeting with me.