The Artificial Hair Garment


The clothes and garments we use are a reflection of our personalities. In order to live in a society we dress and change attires every day first and foremost to protect ourselves from the elements and also in order to make a statement in front of society. What we wear -wether we like it or not- reflects more than we can see. In the following research paper we present ‘The Artificial Hair’, a coat imbued with electronics designed to make way for a different way of interacting with society in situations of stress.



Above is the first round of prototype made with different shapes of laser cut plexiglass, canvas fabric and synthetic heavy string.


After the first prototype we have chosen the the model to use for final production.Pto5

Below is laser-cut panels to be threaded over the servo motor. Pto7

Pto8The front view of the garment. Pto9When the flex sensor is bent, the spikes raise base on how much the flex sensor is bent. Pto10


We are still looking into improvements in both the mechanics and the material. This is a great beginning of exploring in the areas of expressing emotions through the artificial extensions of our body.