Schedule for Final Project – (Nour & Stephanie)

Nour, Stephanie, and I will be working on our final project together which will encompass researching various conductive materials in order to make a tangible interface that can send outputs to Arduino and then to a web server.
We will be researching and sharing our findings between our group and Ziqu and Saminia.  Below is a timeline for our project:
  • 11/01 – 11/08: (1) initial materials research; (2) setting up a server with node and raspberry pi; (3) refining the concept
  • 11/08 – 11/15: (1) facilitation and sharing of research; (2) synthesizing research into a final concept
  • 11/15 – 11/22: (1) initial prototype displaying materials and server; (2) presentation development
  • 11/22 – 11/29: (1) Present; (2) Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/29 – 12/06: (1) Second prototype connecting the materials and server
  • 12/06 – 12/13: (1) Final prototype; (2) final presentation
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