2013 Maker Faire

1) Useless box and piezzo gun

크기변환_iPhone_20130927 246


I’ve seen those boxes as a money bank before, however it was the first time to recognize that I can make it with arduino. (= I didn’t know arduino is already very closed in our daily life). Also the piezo gun reminded me of our last class:) I asked how it could make better sounds than mine, and he said it might be because the gun uses a speaker, not only piezo.

2) A little bit of Juice

크기변환_iPhone_20130927 253


It was a very simple and intuitive circuit for kids. It would be a great tool to understand the functions of components and argorithms in circuits. Personally, I wanted to have it.

3) Concerto number 1

크기변환_iPhone_20130927 208


Even though it’s shape was geometric, the movements contributed its organic feeling. It was beautiful and I was thinking it could be a good object that I can combine with arduino.


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